History of CHASM

CHASM Conference 2022

CHASM was founded by Asclepios I crew commander Eleonore Cassandra Poli, in May 2020. During the COVID19 pandemic, many space related events were moved online and made accessible to all. Several analogue space missions were discussed in these webinars, but the lack of regrouped information and general information online and on paper was severe. CHASM was thus founded to bring analogue astronauts and analogue space mission organisers together to discuss and improve missions.

First CHASM conference group picture, at Lucy Cavendish College, University of Cambridge, UK, April 2022

In January 2021, CHASM partnered with Mars Society UK for the first conference on analogue space missions. The conference took place onsite and online on April 2-3 2022 at Lucy Cavendish College [1], University of Cambridge [2], in the United Kingdom. The conference was supported by the Cambridge Philosophical Society as well as the British Interplanetary Society [3], which brought a Soyuz docking simulator and helped in the filming of the event. This first conference welcomed over 35 members of 12 different analogue space missions, with speakers coming and logging in from Brasil, Switzerland, the USA, Spain, Poland, the UK, Austria, France, the Netherlands and China.

The conference consisted of 45 minutes presentation from the speakers, an hour long workshop on the subjects of habitats, experiments and spacesuits. The public was invited on the Sunday afternoon to discuss with the speakers the different missions. SGAC essay competition winners were invited to present their essays.

Analogue Astronaut Training CentreDr. Agata KołodziejczykPoland
AsclepiosLoïc Lerville, Veronica OrlandiSwitzerland
AstrolandManuel Leira CasanuevaSpain
Austrian Space ForumDeepasree Bangalu-RaguAustria
CHILL-ICECharlotte Pouwells, Marc HeemskerkIceland
EuroMoonMarsProf. Bernard FoingGlobal
Fish4MoonMarsAo JiangGlobal
Habitat MarteProf. Julio RezendeBrazil
HI-SEASCharlotte Pouwells, Marc Heemskerk, Benjamin GreavesUSA
LunaresDr. Leszek OrzechowskiPoland
MMAARSMaria Harney, Reina TolentiUSA
MDRS/Mars SocietyDr. Shannon RupertUSA
WoMarsJulie Harz, Laurene DelsupexheUSA

CHASM x LunAres Workshop 2022

Lunares Research Station habitat director Dr. Leszek Orzechowski presents the habitat to the CHASM x Lunares workshop guests

Following the success of the first CHASM conference, CHASM partnered up with several mission to host workshops. The differences in concept, budget and goals of these missions were ground for very fruitful discussions that small workshops could not cover. CHASM branched up to offer hybrid workshops in the different analogue space mission base. The first workshop to take place was in Poland, in the Lunares Research Station facilities, on October 15-16 2022. The habitat was presented by Lunares habitat director Dr. Leszek Orzechowski and the crew – the visit was filmed and is available on Youtube. The workshop discussion subjects were life support systems, habitats and experiments for analogue space missions and the recording is available on Youtube [Experiments – Habitats – Life Support systems].

CHASM x Astroland 2023

The second workshop to take place was in Santander, Spain, at the Astroland Interplanetary Agency space centre and base in February 2023. The discussion subjects were safety and emergency procedures and spacesuits for analogue space missions. A visit of both the space centre, with the mission control centre, exhibition rooms and virtual reality training rooms and the habitat, an underground cave of about 1.6 km long, took place. In addition, a panel talk on the subject of parastronauts and analogue space mission was held with CHASM president Eleonore Poli, Tomas Ducai and Lunares flight surgeon Dr. Aleksander Wasniowski. A presentation of the EuroSpaceHub was given by Prof. Bernard Foing. The workshop recordings are available to all on Youtube – [Spacesuits – Safety & Escape Systems].

CHASM x Astroland workshop guests in front of the Astroland Interplanetary Agency space centre, February 2023

CHASM WIKI release party

In the wonderful headquarters of the British Interplanetary Society in London, UK, we presented our freshly built wiki reuniting information about analogue space missions around the world. We walked both our onsite and online guests through the wiki pages, to receive feedback and inform of the uses of the wiki. We were also thrilled to have a presentation by Simon Feast and Alistair Scott, CEO and presidents respectively of BIS, with a tour of their HQ.

You can follow along the presentation on Youtube and can learn more about the British Interplanetary Society and Alistair Scott in this interview in their HQ.

CHASM x ICEE.space

Our third workshop took place in Brno, CZ, on November 25-26 2023, as part of the Czech Space week. This event was coorganised with ICEE.space, ESA BIC CZ and ENTRANT. The Saturday was dedicated to several talks and suprise guests while the Sunday was a visit of caves that will be used for analogue space missions. Saturday talks were the following :

  1. Presentation of CHASM – Eleonore Poli
  2. Presentation of ICEE.space : Marc Heemskerk
  3. Inflatable habitats and ECHO habitat design: Onno von de Sype
  4. Presentation of ENTRANT, research on stress monitoring in astronaut crews: Lucie Rackova
  5. Space robotics and robots in analogue space missions: Filip Hanus
  6. From analogue to ISS, a 2024 LunAres roadmap: Agata Mintus

We also had the pleasure of a surprise call by previous HI-SEAS habitat director Michaela Musilova from Antarctica.

The workshop topic was research and EVAs in extreme environment such as lava tubes, as ICEE.space has extensive experience in the matter, with several CHILL-ICE missions in Icelandic lava tubes and the APICES missions in the Astroland manned caved.