The CHASM Committee organises all our events such as conferences, workshops. In addition, the CHASM committee manages the analogue space mission wiki database, the research database as well as leads the parastronaut research consortium. Since forming in 2020, the CHASM committee has had over a dozen members from around the world.

Eleonore Poli
CHASM President & Founder
Management, Events, Parastronauts, Wiki, Finance, Outreach
Sam Ross
CHASM Webmaster
Events, Wiki, CHASM CARD leader
Patrick Rennie
MS;UK President
Events, Finance
Tomas Ducai
PARACHASM Consortium Leader
Alan Field
Merchandise, Events
Martin Holec
Ophir Ruimi

Ginevra Terrizzano
Terry Trevino
Wiki, Database
Olivia Grayson
Wiki, events
Lucy Ráčková
Bill O’Hara
Database advisor
Anastasia Stepanova
Database advisor
Miroslav Rozložník
Parastronauts advisor
Aditya Raj Singh Baghel
Event sponsorship