CHASM hosts events such as workshops, conferences and social gatherings and even facilitates events within the analogue space mission community. On this page you will find information about our future, current and past events, as well as links to recordings of previous events.


CHASM workshops are perfect opportunities for exchange and improvement of analogue space missions. Organised every 5-6 months, these online and onsite workshops take place in different analogue space mission locations and focus on different topics every time. Guests are invited to discuss 2 to 3 different topics and exchange their ideas and experiences. The workshops are hosted by the mission organiser, providing the guests with in-depth information about the mission, mission location and strong points of the organisation. Workshops have so far been organised with LunAres Research Station (Poland), Astroland Interplanetary Agency (Spain) and (Czech). Recordings and impressions of these events are accessible below.

Next event

Our upcoming event will be the CHASM conference at EPFL, Lausanne in Switzerland, on the 14-15 of September 2024. The conference will welcome speakers from analogue space missions around the world and will be open to the wider public. Industrial and research bodies around Switzerland are welcome to attend and exchange opportunities for collaboration with these missions. On the Monday 16th of September, guests will be invited to visit the NAGRA Grimsel Test site in the Grimselpass in Switzerland, location of the Asclepios I mission. This event is supported by eSpace and Space Innovation, Mars Society UK and is in partnership with Space Generation Advisory Council. The theme will be accessibility to space.


CHASM hosts conferences every 2 years, inviting analogue space mission representatives from around the world to present their mission design, specificities and research findings.