Community of Human Analog Space Missions

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14th Sept, Lausanne, Switzerland

CHASM, the community of analogue space missions, fosters collaboration and communication between and of analogue space missions around the world.

Analogue space missions aims to replicate space missions at reduced costs and risks. They take place on Earth, underwater or even in zero-gravity flights. Their duration, equipment, protocols and crews vary considerably. Space agencies have their own facilities for high-fidelity analogue space missions, but many analogue space missions were built and run by civilians and companies.

CHASM exists to provide knowledge to the community as well as to the larger public as to what these missions are and what opportunities and research arise from them. Join us for our workshops and conference on analogue space missions. Use the links on our Wiki to learn more about their habitats, mission duration and protocols and crew selection for analog space missions. Discuss with our PARACHASM team on the topic of parastronauts. Use our research database to learn more about past and current research.

Lunar Electric Rover (LER) Desert Testing in Flagstaff, Arizona. Image credit NASA

CHASM uses conferences, workshops and social media to connect analog space mission organisers, participants, analog astronauts, the wider space community and the general public. Through social media we share the opportunities available such as analogue astronaut recruitments, calls for research and experiments and more.

The CHASM biennial conferences series connects cutting edge analog researchers with the general public. Check out our inaugural 2022 conference in Cambridge. and keep an eye open for news about our 2024 conference in Lausanne. We also run regular workshops and discussion sessions around Europe – past workshops have visited Lunares Research Station,Astroland Interplanetary Agency, the British Interplanetary Society and ICEE Space. Future events are scheduled with Hydronaut, EPFL and Asclepios.

CHASM social media regularly posts information about ongoing analog projects and opportunities for aspiring astronauts and researchers around the world.